Self-Employed Thanks To A Hobby

Self-Employed Thanks To A Hobby

Generally speaking, the job market is awful these past few years. I had been out of the job for about three years already when I took up photography with an old analog Canon my grandad left me. I found that my Arts major wasn’t as useless as I had thought. I ended up creating an account on Instagram and posting photos on a regular basis. Obviously, people have a tendency to “like” nice looking photos of dogs, landscapes, and pretty people. Aesthetics is everything, and it has been so for centuries. One “like” after another I started gaining a lot of followers, which is quite nice if you want to boost your ego, but only that. I never considered myself to be a professional photographer. It was a hobby mostly. Then, one day, a distant cousin asked me if would take photos of her wedding. She offered to pay all my travel expenses, as she lived way up north, and an extra 500 bucks for my troubles. I instantly accepted her offer.


Everything went well, so she recommended me to a friend that was also getting married in a month. One thing after another I started making business cards and handing them out to prospective customers.

Also, I started taking social media management classes to learn how to boost my posts on Instagram and Facebook. You know, what hashtags to use, sponsored posts, etc.

I found it quite useful, but watch out, because a lot of so-called social media experts just want to scam you and take your money offering almost nothing.


Now, when I earned my initial capital, I started investing. As I know nothing about finance or that kind of stuff, I never thought I’d end up investing in the stock market. Although I found the movie Wolf of Wall Street extremely exciting, I never thought I’d venture into something like that. A month ago, my girlfriend who had a Masters in Finance and Accounting told me to look up those so-called binary options. I was extremely skeptical of those things, as they seemed to be similar to gambling. However, I was pleasantly surprised. You just need to be rather well informed. Or have a girlfriend who knows her way around the financial stuff.

Click here where you can find everything you need to know about an investment strategy called binary options. Investing in binary options works in the same way as trading on the stock market.

However, you don’t need to buy or sell anything. In other words, assets like forex (major currencies), commodities or stocks needn’t be bought or sold back to the market to make a profit. What you need to do is predict if their price is going to rise or fall over a given time frame.

So, look it up and do some research and maybe you’ll end up tripling your initial capital, as I did. One more thing, if you’re looking for a broker, do make sure it’s one of the legit ones because there are a lot of scams.

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Binary Options 101

Binary Options 101

Have you ever thought of making some money online? It can be done without even leaving your house. Since recently, you can invest online and have your money pile up before your eyes. Of course, if you know what you’re doing and have done a bit of research. Maybe you have some knowledge about finance? Cash it in then. Here’s suggestion! Look into this thing called binary options. Here are some basic instructions and information. For more you can visit Wikipedia.

Trading in binary options relies on estimating the performance of underlying assets during a certain time frame. How do they work? When people deal with investments online or in real life, they purchase a certain asset and invest in such manner.


So, profit and loss are marked by a change in the value of the asset that has been purchased. The thing is, if the price of the purchased asset rises and it is sold back to the market when the price had already risen, profit is made. On the other hand, if the purchased asset has its value decreased, money is lost if the asset is sold back to the market at that moment.

Generally speaking, the market is usually quite volatile, and you may worry whether you’ll lose money if you invest in a certain asset (stock, for example) and not sell it on time. Binary options work according to a similar mechanism but are much simpler to trade with, and they partly release you of the troubles of buying and selling.

The thing with binary options is that you solely need to predict the performance of a certain asset, in other words, predict whether their value will rise or fall, over a given time frame that you determine in advance. You can predict the performance of commodities like gold, stocks, currencies and others, and even calculate how much money you’d get if you get it right.


Why are they called “binary” options? This is because the outcome you can predict is twofold. The stock, commodity or currency, etc. can have its value rise or fall. So, you predict one of the two possibilities and set a given period. Thus, you pick one of the two investment choices.

When you want to predict that the value of a certain asset will rise you go for the option “Call” as one type of investment. Conversely, when there is a possibility to predict that the price or value of the asset will fall, the investment of this type is called the option “Put.”

As I have already said, there are different types of assets that you can trade with. There are indices like NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and others.

Also, different major currencies you can trade with are called Forex, and those are EUR, USD, GBP and others. Commodities like silver and coffee are also quite popular trading assets. You can also invest in predicting the performance of certain stocks.

Maybe you can choose a less popular one, or on the other hand invest in Google, Nestle or Coca-Cola.

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