How To Make Money By Being An Internet User

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How To Make Money By Being An Internet User

Do you know what is ghostwriting? Have you ever hear about celebrities such as Snooki or Mike the Situation? They are the main stars of MTV show called Jersey Shore, and they already wrote their autobiographies. Well, some might say that they did not write their books and that someone wrote instead o theme. Those writers are called ghostwriters. Many people say that ghostwriters write for celebrities for a while now. But this term does not link only with celebrities. Ghostwriting is now actually some job for online users. Apparently, people are being hired for a lot of content writing websites and with that, they are being paid. When I learned about it, I wanted to find out what are else available money incomes on the internet. Are there more jobs like ghostwriting, or is there other ways you can earn money online.


So I started to look at the ads to see what people put out there. The first thing I saw was a lot of DJ ads. It seems like that everyone nowadays is a DJ. Back in the day, when I was in college, DJs were a person who doesn’t want to drink at the parties, and that is why they were occupied with music. But now there are as many DJs as a graphic designer on the online ads websites. I was more surprised when I found out about their fees.

For a night a DJ can earn between 150 and 300 dollars. That is more than fees of some respected professions. As a matter of a fact, one of my good friends, who studied a long time to be called an architect, struggles to find a well-paid job, and over here we have a guy who plays other people music, calls himself a DJ and makes good money of it. That is just sad.


And speaking about graphic designers, they also don’t have a lot of jobs, because there are lots of ads about them. It seems logical because online web content is connected with an original graphic design it is normal to see their ads on web ads. Of course, graphic designers are needed in so-called, real world, but online are there bread and butter.

Last, but not the least, I wanted to find something that can not be referred as a profession. Something you can do in you free time and from which you can make some money.

Investment in shares came to my attention, but then I realized that I never saw an option to trade shares online. By searching for those options, I found something different called binary options.

It looks like buying and selling shares but it is not so serious, and it looks like that you can there make money much easier.
By using robots, brokers and strategies you can earn some serious money. The concept is to predict whether some share will go up or down. And you can invest as much money you want. Your investment, if you predict correctly, multiples it with an index fee of 1.85. That means that if you invest 200 dollars, you will get 370 dollars. Interesting!

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